The Luminous World Orchestra
"it leaves you quietly transfixed and grateful to be alive to hear such beauty..." 
--The Daily Om

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Moments from the Life Stories of Strangers - Pt. 1 made it to #8
on the
New Age
International Radio

Threading the Ether made it to #16
on the
New Age
International Radio

and was included in the "New Age Reporter"...
...Top Ten Recordings of the Year
by Music Reviewer R.J. Lannan
Moments From the Life Stories of Strangers - Pt.1 was nominated for "Best Neo-Clasic Recording of 2014" by the ZMR Monitored International Radio Broadcasters.
Both Deva and
Muses of Aqua were included by
"New Age Reporter"
in RJ Lannan's...

...Top Ten Recordings of the Year

From the Top Ten review:

"These two albums both conducted by Steve Chesne with the LWO were the high point of the year."




Other Luminous World Orchestra Reviews:

Healing Music

Music Review, "Daily Om":

"it leaves you quietly transfixed
and grateful to be alive to hear
such beauty..." 

"...great torrents of
spiritual gratitude..."   

"The results on the
LWO's debut, Deva,
were astounding ."


Michael Diamond, Reviewer
Music and Media Focus

"... in my three decades as a music journalist, the compositions of Steven Chesne and The Luminous World Orchestra offer some of the most unique creative chemistry I’ve experienced."

"This album is a masterpiece, reflecting the harmonious fusion of diverse genres with classical and world instruments, and is sure to appeal to a wide variety of listeners."  


Buddhism and Music

R.J. Lannan, Music Reviewer

"It is the magical music of light. It is the radiance of stars..." 

"Chesne has been permanently assigned to my desert island list."   

"He has the astonishing ability to combine music from heaven and earth."

"Science of Mind" Magazine
Music Review

"...beautiful, expansive music ..."

"...peaceful but
powerful upliftment...."

"Steven's multi-dimensional music can take you deep into your heart as well as transport you to the far stretches of the cosmos."  


Buddhism and Music

Healing Music

Music Review, "New Age Retailer"

"The CD's haunting beauty
is almost surreal."



Stephen Hill, "Hearts of Space"

"...their refined textures and
skillful compositions take you someplace worth going.”  


Music Healing Research

Healing Music

Joe Kara, "LA Yoga" Magazine

"...poetic ebb and flow,
an experience that defies labeling."

"...soothing, picturesque tracks
that convey deep emotional qualities, seemingly woven into stillness and spirit."



Keith Hannaleck, music reviewer


Buddhism and Music

"...truly a slice of heaven.'

"This is ear candy that transforms
into chicken soup for the soul." 


Healing Music

Music Review,
"Light Connection Magazine"

"A masterpiece of
haunting beauty..."

"It's hard to write about the music of
Chesne and the LWO in anything but
glowing superlatives."

"...unabashed emotional and
spiritual passion."

"...emotionally evocative, lush...

"Gossamer...a tonal painting,
translucent, with wave upon wave
of pastels of unrivaled hues ..."

" indescribable sonic tableau..."


Threading the Ether
KCUR's "Night Tides" picks, for

Top 10 Albums of 2009


Healing Music

John Diliberto, Host of "Echoes"

"As The Luminous
World Orchestra, Steven Chesne makes a subtle music whose deceptively austere arrangements result in a lush emotional resonance..."   


"Aura Magazine" music review
by Bette Timm

"Chesne has done something unprecedented with these familiar sounds. The result is cohesive and masterful, creating an elegant environment..."

"This is a graceful recording..." 


Buddhism and Music
Michael Foster, "Ambient Visions"

"...He deftly blends
orchestral arrangements ... impressive palette upon which he paints his sonic pictures for the listener to enjoy..."



Christopher Albright
WTUL-FM Threading the Ether Review

"Poetry for the Ears, Mind and Heart"


Buddhism and Music

Healing Music

"Essential Wellness Magazine"
Music Review

"The result is complex, rich
and evocative...interesting and engaging enough to hold interest in focused listening. This is music-lovers music..."


"Zone Music Reporter"
August Music Review

"...amazing in compostion
and implementation..."

"...reverent and eloquently engaging



Buddhism and Music

"Mostly Piano" Music Review for
"Moments from the Life Stories of Strangers - Pt. 1"

"...a colorful journey of spiritually-inspired moments that include joy, contemplation, reflection, playfulness, and the transcendental."

"New Age Reporter"
December Music Review

"...The list of awards that Steven Chesne has garnered is staggering and longer than this review..."

"...His quixotic collusion among ethnic instruments and the orchestra is unique, refreshing and above all else, stimulating."

"...Although each album can be enjoyed immensely on its own, I highly recommend that you pair up the two for a long, long period of aural enjoyment and sensual inspiration. The Luminous World Orchestra is enlightening."



Healing Music

"Creations Magazine"
Music Review

" out of the ordinary offering..."

"Lyrical motifs in rich and beautiful musical settings, often cinematic in quality, convey a great depth of emotion throughout ..."

" with metaphysical healing properties...."


"American Salon"
Music Review

"I love the collection
of soothing melodies on 'Muses of Aqua' by The Luminous World Orchestra." 


Buddhism and Music
Both Muses of Aqua and Deva were nominated for the 2007 NAR Lifestyle Music Awards, for
Best Meditation Album

Healing Music

"Spirituality and Health Magazine"
Music Review

"...soul nourishing music..."

" ethereal song of love and devotion to the spirit of life."

" and satisfying."


"Daily Om "
Music Review, Muses of Aqua

"...going even deeper into the zone where mysticism and classicism combine and form beautiful new visions in the clearing mist."

"...inspired late-night brilliance. It’s the perfect soundtrack for meditations..."

"...slow and dreamy in
an elegiac meditation..."

"...a forgiving, cleansing sweep."

Buddhism and Music
"Zone Music Reporter"
April Music Review

"...the graceful gentleness..."

"...simply how beautiful the music is - at times being almost too pretty to be aptly described."

"...a wonderous exploration of world influenced orchestral magic."

Muses of Aqua made the TOP 5 CDs
in the CD Baby New Age/Yoga Category.

"Mostly Piano" Music Review for "Threading the Ether"



"This composer is not willing to remain stationary. His enthusiastic, adventurous spirit blends multiple genres that are gorgeous and accessible yet are still very unique and creative."

"...fascinating choral
arrangements that will simply elevate you..."


Buddhism and Music

Healing Music

"Spirit Seeker Magazine"
Music Review

"...deeply moving music. It is highly accessible, easy to listen to, nourishing, satisfying, contemplative, and relaxing."


"Four Corners Magazine"
Music Review


Buddhism and Music

Healing Music

"New Age Retailer Magazine"
Music Review

"...especially lovely are 'Mantra,' 'Child King,' and 'On the Hill.'"


"New Connexion "
Journal of Conscious Living
Music Review

"...thought provoking,
meditative and with a spiritual quality that lends one to being fully present in nature."

"...relaxing and quite wonderful. "   

Buddhism and Music

Healing Music

"Natural Awakenings Magazine"
Music Review

"Steven Chesne, who has scored more than 300 films and television shows in Hollywood, is focusing his remarkable talents in a new direction.."


"Arizona Networking News"
Music Review

"...the warm caressing sounds of the orchestra...gently empowering melodies useful for meditation, yoga, massage, and relaxation."  

Buddhism and Music

Healing Music

"The Muses Muse"
Music Review

"...a seamless whole that transcends either genre."

"...beautifully melodic, richly harmonic and finely textured."


Christopher Albright

"Upon first hearing, I was impressed by the contemplative nature & spiritual quality of The Luminous World Orchestra sound. It has been a regular choice for a few months & will continue to reside, proudly, in the WTUL Library."

Buddhism and Music

Healing Music
Music Magazine

"...the wonderful new album 'Threading the Ether.'"


Healing Music

Andy Blossy

"...thoughtful, meditative and much more. I am grateful to have this music in my library..."

"...This music will be around for a long time."



"Lloyd Barde Productions"
Music Review

Music Healing Research

"...their third exquiste recording...”   


Muses of Aqua, Deva and Threading the Ether are Editor's Picks
in the CD Baby New Age Category.


Muses of Aqua, Deva and Threading the Ether
are now, or have been, in the Top 20 in the following National Public Radio playlists:

Echoes, Night Breeze, Audioscapes, NightLight, Oasis, Planetary Prismatic Psonics, Athan's Journey, Cheezmuzik, Soundwaves, Solitudes, The Pit, Shades of Classics, Soundscapes, Journeys to the Infinite, Music from Beyond the Lake, Earth Tribe Jamin, Acoustic Resonance, and Radio Mir.


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