Hear excerpts:

“Sapient is a landmark recording.”

“...really, no words can adequately convey the depth and richness of this album…”

— Bill Binkelman, ZMR Music Review

“… a monumental and eventful release.”

“... ambitious and visionary …"

“It deserves to be celebrated."

— Music Review,
Retailing Insight


“This is life changing music.”

“...lofty, masterful, and passionate…”

— R J Lannan,
The Sounding Board

remarkable album...”

— Angel Romero,
World Music Central

“Judging this album by ordinary standards is ridiculous."

“How Chesne pulled this off ... is a testament to an artist feeling so much passion for a project that nothing would stand in his way."

— Bill Binkelman, ZMR Music Review


The story of "Sapient":
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“Sapient is one of the most original and unique albums
I have ever heard…”


“Chesne has to be one of the finest composers of his day
to create a moment of genius like this …”

--- Music Review, One World Music

“This is yet another powerful composition by
the master composer …”


“This thought provoking project is amazing …”

--- Steve Sheppard, Music Reviewer

“I can't imagine that there is anyone else on the planet that could have made an album like Sapient ”


“Something exquisitely magical …”

---Review, Performers and Creators Lab

“... clearly was inspired from somewhere beyond regular human means.”


“It speaks to a deep longing inside every one of us.”

---Holly Shaw, Author, "The Creative Formula"

Composer Steven Chesne spent a year unearthing ancient, precious peace invocations and prayers from all over the world: words of the oneness of mankind, spoken by Buddha, Lao Tzu, Jesus, Mohammed, the Sikhs, the Hindu, the Jews, the Cheyenne, the Kikuyu, and the Baha'i.

Then, Steven met with historians, translators, clergy, monks, gurus, rabbis, imams, scholars, linguists, etc. to study the complexity and depth of the meanings of these sacred writings.

Deep research on prounciation and emphasis was made to ensure that the vocalists would be given an opportunity to stretch out and be naturally expressive.

Each invocation or prayer is represented by its own song, with varying degrees of influence from world traditions mixed with the unique colors of Chesne's unique style of contemporary composition.

The pieces were recorded with gifted, extraordinary vocalists from around the world.

Steven Rushingwind sprinkled sacred corn pollen in a blessing for peace and friendship.



But here's the "twist":

In the finale ("Nyansapo - the Wisdom Knot"), phrases from all of the traditions are interwoven together - one on top of another - in a web of blissful counterpoint, accompanied by the orchestra.




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“Steven Chesne is a composer and musician of great quality, perhaps even genius in motion …”


“Chesne has manifested something special here.”

--- Music Review, One World Music

“… simply outstanding …”


“… this is a must purchase album for the entire world,
without doubt.”

--- Steve Sheppard, Music Reviewer

“Tears spring to my eyes every time I hear it. ”

---Holly Shaw, Author, "The Creative Formula"





“Beautiful and masterfully crafted…”

— Angel Romero, World Music Central

“... poignant, transcendent music…”

— R J Lannan, The Sounding Board

“Chesne’s work as a composer here is sublime.”

--- Music Review, One World Music

“… both imploring and sensitive.”

--- Steve Sheppard, Music Reviewer





The Vocalists:  
Invocation to the infinite (Kikuyu)  William 'Kymo' Kamore
Words of the Kikuyu: Peace Be With Us William 'Kymo' Kamore
Words of Buddha: Let a Boundless Love for All Beings Ven. Attidiye Pugngnarathana
  Grow inside You  
Words of Lao Tzu: Weapons are Instruments of Fear Mariani Shuilan May
Words of Mohammed: Oh God, You are Peace Uyanga Bold
Words of the Kikuyu: May Peace Reign Florence Kinyua
Words of the Jews: Create Peace and Compassion Thomas Segen
Words of the Hindu: May We Ourselves Be Peace Sudakshina Alagia
Words of the Baha'i: Oneness of Humanity Taraneh Sakurai
Words of Buddha: Let Your Love Flow Through Ven. Agga Mahapandita Dr. Walpola Piyananda,
  the Universe Ven. Bambarawane Kalyanawansa,
  Ven. Attidiye Pugngnarathana
Words of Jesus: Love Your Enemies Natalie Shtangrud
Words of the Cheyenne: Let Us Know Peace - Pt. 1 Steven Rushingwind
Words of the Cheyenne: Let Us Know Peace - Pt. 2 Steven Rushingwind
Words of the Cheyenne: Let Us Know Peace - Pt. 3 Steven Rushingwind
Words of the Sikhs: Recognize Humanity as One Family Bhai Jaswant Singh Zira
Words of Lao Tzu: Victory is a Funeral Mariani Shuilan May
Words of the Hindu: The Nature of the Divine is Peace Sudakshina Alagia
Nyansapo: The Wisdom Knot  Ensemble
Nyansapo: The Wisdom Knot  (soft mix) Ensemble