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00:00 Power Revealed
00:47 The Trip
01:51 City of Wind
03:22 Smokin'
04:02 Batman & Penquin
04:29 Aerial Pan
05:21 Precision Seige
08:12 Symphonic Romance
06:54 Fast Car
08:28 Mr. Howl
09:30 Rapture
10:31 Batman Blinded

"Steve's music is breathtaking. His score can transform a prosaic scene into a great cinematic moment."

Jack Lemmon, Actor

"Spendidly complemented by Steven Chesne's score"

Kevin Thomas, The Los Angeles Times

"I love working with Steve ... challenging himself to evoke the film's unsaid possibilities... an incredible talent for writing good music."

Ken Olin, Director

"Steven's music surpassed my wildest expectations. His haunting, transcendent score brought the emotional complexity of the film brilliantly to life."

Marc Rosenbush, Director ("Zen Noir " - L.A. Times Critic's Pic)

"Steve is the greatest composer I have ever encountered in my career as a filmmaker. Truly gifted, highly creative.

Jesus Nebot, Director - Golden Eagle Award, Independent Filmmaker of the Year, ("No Turning Back" 21-Time Winner for "Best Feature Film")

"Well supported by Steven Chesne's evocative musical score"

Miami New Times

"Steven Chesne's musical scores are emotive, playful and well-layered..."

Aaron Fontana, Music Critic, Entertainment Today

"Marvelously expressive music. He thoughtfully and sensitively interprets the meaning and wave-like emotional texture of a scene with his astounding artistic gifts.

Dan Polier, Director, ("Debating Robert Lee")

Debating Robert Lee

Directed by Dan Polier

Award Winner, Method Fest, Napa Sonoma Film Fest.


Starring Kaley Cuoco ("The Big Bang Theory," "Charmed," "8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter"), Dan Letterle (Camp), Billy Kay ("L.I.E."), Rachel Nichols ("Rush," "Continuum," "Alias"), Leonardo Nam ("The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift"), Dale Midkiff ("Criminal Minds"), Beau Bridges ("Masters of Sex," "My Name is Earl")


Directed by Keren Perlmutter

Award for Excellence for a Music Score , the Indiefest Film Festival

Winner, Best Orchestration for a Music Score, Documentary Category, the Garden City Film Festival

Award of Excellence in Music, Global Film Awards-Impact Doc Awards

Award for Outstanding Excellence in a Music Score, Docs Without Borders Film Festival

Zen Noir

Directed by Marc Rosenbush

Critic's Pick, The L.A. Times,
Winner, Best Feature Film
, Moondance Film Festival, Winner, Audience Award, Best Feature, Rhode Island Int. Film Festival, Winner, Jury Award, Honorable Mention, Filmfest New Haven, Winner, Best Actor, Chicago Indiefest, Winner, Best Cinematography, Ashland Independent Film Festival, Winner, Best Feature Film, DC Independent Film Festival.


Starring Duane Sharp ("Stir of Echos," "Road to Perdition") and Kim Chan ("Kundun," "Lethal Weapon 4," "The Fifth Element") and Ezra Buzzington ("Ghost World," "Me, Myself & Irene," "Crossbones")

The Trip

Directed by Miles Swain

Starring Larry Sullivan ("Jane the VIrgin," "Rush Hour," "CSI," "24"), Steve Braun ("The Immortal," "Blade: Trinity," "Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle"), Jill St. John, Alexis Arquette, Julie Brown


Winner, Kodak Award, Best Independent Feature - Winner, Best Feature, Long Island Film Fest. - Winner, HBO Audience Award - Winner, Best Feature Film, the Dallas Film Festival - Winner, Dir. Choice Award, Best Feature, Honolulu Film Festival - Winner, Best Feature, Reel Pride Festival - Winner, Best Debut Film, Rehoboth Beach Ind. Film Festival - Winner, Audience Award, Best Feature, Rochester Film Festival - Winner, Best Feature, Washington D.C. International Gay Film Festival.

Two of a Kind

Starring Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen


Warner Bros. Television

Introducing Lenny Rose

Directed by Ken Olin

Starring Abigail Spencer ("Mad Men," "Burning Love," "Suits," "Rectify")


Written by Krista Vernoff ("Grey's Anatomy")



No Turning Back

Directed Jesus Nebot

Starring Jesus Nebot and Lindsay Price ("Lipstick Jungle," "Eastwick," "Hawaii Five-O")


Winner, Alma Award, Outstanding Independent Motion Picture - Winner, Golden Eagle Award, Best Independent Feature - Winner, Best Feature Film, Malaga Festival De Cine - Audience Award for Best Feature Film, Comunidad De Madrid Film Festival - Winner, Best Feature Film, Rhode Island International Film Festival - Winner, Best of the Fest., Big Bear International Film Festival - Winner, Jury Honorary Award for Best Feature Film, San Antonio Film Festival - Jury's Gold Award for Best Suspense Film, Houston Worldfest - Winner, Outstanding Independent Film, Cinesol Film Festival - Winner, Best Film, New Hampshire International Film Expo - Winner, Honorary Award for Best Film, Palm Springs Intl. Hispanic Film Festival - Winner, Audience Award for Best Feature Film, Marco Island Intl. Film Festival - Winner, Audience Award for Best Feature Film, Sacramento Intl Film Festival - Winner, Grand Jury Award for Best of the Fest., Hope And Dreams Film Festival - Winner, Best Feature Film, Jamerican Intl. Film Festival, Jamaica - Winner, Best Debut Film, Annual Spanish Film Gala Awards - Winner, Aguila Azteca Performing Arts Tribute Award - Latinos In Hollywood Award For Best Director - Selected, "One of the Best 12 Feature Films of the Year", The Independent Film Society.

Pot of Gold

Directed by David Touster

Starring Eyal Podell ("24," "Defying Gravity"), Ginger Williams ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer," "Sabrina the Teenage Witch") and Nora Dunn ("Entourage," "Three Moons Over Milford," "Saturday Night Live")

Dinner and a Movie

Directed by Lisa Kors

Starring Marianne Hagan ("Halloween," "Rick") and Paul Bartel ("Escape from L.A.," "The Usual Suspects," "Caddyshack II")


Winner, Slamdunk Film Festival - Winner, Platinum Award, Best Comedy Feature, Worldfest - Winner, Best Comedy Feature, New Bedford Film Festival - Winner, Audience Award, Texas Film Festival - "Best Film of of the year without distribution," The Village Voice

Home Out West

Directed by Steve Schecter

Ravanna Films

Monsoon Wife (aka "Butterfly Man")

Directed by Marlin Darrah


Winner, Festival Producer's Award, Best Feature Film, Sarasota International Film Festival, Winner, Best Feature Film, 2002 Phoenix-Scottsdale International Film Festival

Dry Cycle

Directed by Isaac Eaton
("Shadow Hours")

Starring Ione Skye ("Say Anything," "Return to Babylon," "Arrested Development," "Zodiac"), Marisa Coughlan ("Teaching Mrs. Tingle," Bones," "Boston Legal"), Sam Ball ("The Event," "Vegas")

Hanging with Mr Cooper


Up Michigan!

Directed by Jason Morgan

Starring Joan Van Ark, John Waite, Leeza Gibbons, and Mike Ditka

Family Matters

Starring Jaleel White as Steve Urkel

ABC/Warner Bros.

Batman: The Animated Series

Fox/Warner Bros.

Close Call

Starring Jeff Fahey ("The Lawnmower Man," "White Hunter, Black Heart," "Silverado") and Annie Lee

Prime Media Entertainment

Discharged Without Honor

The History Channel: Histories Mysteries


Step by Step

Starring Suzanne Somers and Patrick Duffy

ABC/Warner Bros.

An Existential Affair

Directed by Peggy Bruen
Produced by Martin Landau

Starring Alex Quinn, Gretchen Becker

Singapore Sling

Starring James Hong ("Blade Runner," "Mulan," "Chinatown") and Shannon Tweed ("Detroit Rock City," "Indecent Behavior")

Running from Shadows

Starring Adrian Zmed ("Improper Conduct," "Eyewitness to Murder," "Caroline in the City")

Handheld Productions


Starring Kirk Cameron

WB Network

The Girl Across the Lake

Starring Cindy Williams

WB Network


Directed by Jon Zeiderman

Starring Sean Gullette ("Pi," "Requiem for a Dream," "The Fountain") and Rick Mowat ("Celebrity" and "Sweet and Lowdown")

The Hogan Family

Starring Sandy Duncan and Jason Bateman

NBC, CBS/Lorimar

Life Happens

Starring Kirk Cameron and Chelsea Noble


Getting By

Starring Cindy Williams and Telma Hopkins

NBC/Warner Bros.

Family Man

Starring Gregory Harrison


Perfect Strangers

Starring Mark Linn-Baker and Bronson Pinchot

ABC/Lorimar Telepictures

A Prayer to a Lesser God Unanswered

with Mark Linn-Baker ("Twins," "Noises Off," "My Favorite Year," "Manhattan")

The Men Who Knew Too Much

One-Hour Special with Mark Linn-Baker and Bronson Pinchot ABC/Lorimar Telepictures

ABC/Lorimar Telepictures


Starring Valerie Harper

Lorimar Telepictures

Taste of Victory

Directed by Paul Miller

"He has an amazing ability to create such a variety of sounds to work with any mood, adding a completely new layer to the film."

Lisa kors, Director, ("Dinner and Movie", Winner Best Director, Slamdunk Festival 2001, New Bedford Film Festival, Best Comedy Feature and WorldFest 2001 Best Comedy Feature)

"Steven is a talented and creative composer who elevates every project. He is that rare combination of ability and diligence that makes working with him a real pleasure."

Michael J Morris, Producer, ("Two of A Kind," "Hangin' With Mr. Cooper," "Getting By," "Perfect Strangers")

"During screenings at various film festivals, I am always approached by audience members that tell me how much they loved, how much they appreciated the music. There is no question Steven's music score made our movie come alive.


His score resonates with audiences. It draws them into a new, exciting, emotional and sensory landscape.


A rich tapestry of sonorous and beautiful melodies, unusual tones and moods, and most importantly musical textures that genuinely augmented and amplified what the characters in our movie were feeling."

Marlin Darrah, Director/Producer, ("Butterfly Man", Festival Producer Award, Best Feature Film, 2002 Sarasota International Film Festival)

"Steve's music added a whole new dimension of emotional life to our production.


His magnificent, alluring score was a work of great ingenuity, subtlety, and dramatic impact. The unique colors and textures gave the film its own enchanting atmosphere, its own world."

Bob Raff, Music Editor, ("Norma Rae", "The Last Tycoon", "An Unmarried Woman", "Brubaker")

"Steve's music isn't just entertaining. It's truly imaginative"

Rod Steiger, Actor

"Steven is a talented and creative composer who elevates every project. He is that rare combination of ability and diligence that makes working with him a real pleasure."

Dick Berres, Lorimar Pictures Director of Music

"When Steve's score was finally put to the picture, his music made my movie literally come to life.


It imbued the film with a hauntingly distinctive flavor, totally unique unto itself."

Jon Zeiderman, Writer/Dir., ("Artifacts")

"Steve is Magnificent!"

Charlie Matthau, Director, "The Grass Harp," "Mrs. Lambert Remembers Love," "Doin' Time on Planet Earth.")